Mette Krebs Petersen is an award-winning Danish textile designer, trained at The Danish Design School and Les Atelier Nationale D’Art Textile in Paris. Her decidedly Scandinavian approach to design emphasizes timeless simplicity, refined elegance, appropriate use of materials and attention to detail. She is dedicated to creating innovative and meaningful products, using materials that are respectful of the human spirit and our environment. Mette has over fifteen years of experience within the textile industry, using her extensive design and technical expertise to create evocative textiles that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. In the process of designing textiles, Mette establishes a close collaboration with the manufacturer or end-user to gain an intimate understanding of their needs and goals, and she is a “hands-on” team player from conceptual design through the fabrication process.

Inspiration comes from everything we surround ourselves with, whether it be the fascinating patterns, movements and details found in nature, the geometric shapes, forms and aesthetics of architecture, or the organic qualities and grace of our own human bodies and minds. Mette’s work is rooted in materials, structure, processes and technology. Some materials and processes have been used for centuries, but can be used in new ways, or in combination with new materials developed to meet new markets and requirements.

Mette has always had an interest in sustainability connected to the design and manufacturing of textiles. She places great emphasis on the longevity of the product, by ensuring that the design, construction and colors are long-lasting.

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