METTE KREBS PETERSEN DESIGN is a textile design company offering design consultancy services within the commercial contract, fashion and residential markets. Our services range from pattern and texture design for both woven and printed textiles, to the development of textile collections for specific markets, to custom-imaging products tailored for specific corporate brands or end users. Through extensive experience and acquired expertise, we are also able to provide color consultancy services.

In addition to our track record of providing award-winning design, our company also has significant expertise in the areas of technical textile construction, product testing, public agency approvals, and sustainability.

By doing our best to understand our clients and end-users, and through a spirit of intimate collaboration, we are able to create textile products that fulfill and enrich, while meeting market pricing and other key requirements. We are inspired by the collaboration, challenges, and specific design parameters inherent to any project.

Please contact us to discuss your next textile design project.